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Nirvana Nevermind Album

Nirvana Nevermind Album
4 Album Nirvana sekaligus untuk yang demen sama lagu "Smells Like Teen Spirit" dan musik Grunge ala Nirvana yang dinahkodai ama abang ane yang super keren en melegenda siapa lagi kalo bukan Alm. Kurt Cobain, meskipun doi udah tiada tapi karyanya masih melekat di hati penggemarnya dan awet sepanjang masa tentunya.. :D

Daftar Lagu Nirvana Album Nevermind 
  1. In Bloom 
  2. Come As You Are 
  3. Breed 
  4. Lithium
  5. Polly
  6. Territorial Pissings
  7. Drain You
  8. Lounge Act 
  9. Stay Away 
  10. On A Plain 
  11. Something In The Way 
  12. Smells Like Teen Spirit
Download Album Nirvana - NEVERMIND (1991)

    Daftar Lagu Nirvana Album Incesticide 
    1. Sliver 
    2. Stain
    3. Been A Son
    4. Turnaround
    5. Molly's Lips
    6. Son Of A Gun
    7. Polly (New Wave)
    8. Beeswax
    9. Downer
    10. Mexican Seafood
    11. Hairspray Queen
    12. Aero Zeppelin
    13. Big Long Now
    14. Aneurysm
    15. Drive 
    Download Album Nirvana - INCESTICIDE (1992)

       Daftar Lagu Nirvana Album In Utero 
      1. Scentless Apprentice
      2. Heart Shaped Box
      3. Rape Me
      4. Francesfarmerwillhaveherreveng
      5. Dumb
      6. Very Ape
      7. Milk It
      8. Pennyroyal Tea
      9. Radio Friendly Unit Shifter
      10. Tourette's
      11. All Apologies
      12. Gallons Of Rubbing Alcohol Flo
      13. Serve The Servants
      Download Album Nirvana - IN UTERO (1993)

       Daftar Lagu Nirvana Album Bleach 
      1. Floyd The Barber
      2. About A Girl
      3. School
      4. Love Buzz
      5. Paper Cuts
      6. Negative Creep
      7. Scoff
      8. Swap Meet
      9. Mr. Moustache
      10. Sifting
      11. Big Cheese
      12. Downer
      13. Blew
      Download Album Nirvana BLEACH (1989)

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