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Dunia-Album : is a search engine that simply crawls the web and gathers links to audio files that it might find. These files are usualy, but not limited to .mp3, wav, etc. we does NOT store any files on its server. We simply provide text links to what might be the file location. If you find a link(s) here, that is infringing upon a copyright that you own, PLEASE contact us immediatly via our contact section and include the proper documents that prove the copyright and we will immediatly remove your link(s) from our database. We do not claim full ownership of the songs posted on this site.

Various Artis TOP Lagu Oktober 2009

Download mp3 Inci – Buka Bukaan

Download mp3 Lafrosia – Good Bye ABG (New 2009)

Download mp3 G String – Honey, Bunny, Sweety New 2009

Download mp3 NoiZ Band – Ku Hanya Bisa New 2009

download mp3 Druva Band – Aku Bukan Raja New 2009

Download mp3 Shafan – Mengajak Pacaran

Download mp3 Devilla Band – Ingin Dunia Tahu New 2009

download mp3 The Adapter – Kesepianku

download mp3 Emergenci Band – Relakan Semua

Download mp3 Arti Band – Takdir Illahi

Download mp3 Q Band – Si O’on

Download mp3 Motif Band – Ayal

Download mp3 Kaktuz – Melupakanmu (new single)

Download mp3 Kaca Band – Rasa Hati

Download mp3 Jiwa 99 Band – PTTM (Pacarku Tak Tau Malu)

Download mp3 Fusion Band – Saat Gelap Mengiris Hatiku

Download mp3 Fastrack – Senyum Terbaikmu

Download mp3 D’Slip Band – Haruskah New 2009

Download mp3 Arya – Engkaulah Nafasku

Download mp3 Aliva – Ku Masih Merindukanmu

Download mp3 9Herson – Kasih New 2009

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