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Koes Plus - Javanesse Album

Satu lagi karya Koes Plus dalam tembang-tembang Jawa yang enak didengar dan tetap melegenda hingga kini. Download Lagu Koes Plus yang mengusung tembang Berbahasa Jawa
  1. Bunder-Bunder Download
  2. Tul Jaenak Download
  3. Ojo Nelongso Download
  4. E O E Download
  5. Ojo Gelo Download
  6. Ela-Elo Download
  7. Sayur Asem Download
  8. Tunggak Jati Download
  9. Jambu Opo Jeruk Download
  10. Pring Gading Download
  11. Omah Gubuk Download
  12. Ojo Ngono Download
  13. Pak Tani Download
  14. Pak Guru Download
  15. Atiku Gelo Download
  16. Kripik Tempe Download
  17. Koyo Ngene Rasane Download
  18. Pokoke Olo Download
  19. Rondo Katut Download
  20. Wong Urip Download
  21. Dawuhe Wong Tuwo Download
  22. Sak Ukuran Download
  23. Sarinah Download
  24. Surak-Surak Hore Download
  25. Kolang-Kaling Download
  26. Ora Bisa Turu Download
  27. Nuswantara Download
  28. E E E Download
  29. Katresnan Download
  30. Kembang Enceng-Enceng Download

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